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The Mission of The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association

The Mission of the Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association is to develop a sustainable hockey program with multiple teams at every level that will support a varsity high school hockey team in Washburn County, Wisconsin.

10,000 Puck Challenge

Are you interested in becoming a hockey official

Becoming an official is a way to give back to this great sport while learning more about the game and making some money.  Officiating is something you can do for many years after your hockey career is over.  If this is something that interests you, you can find out everything you will need to do by clicking the red banner above.  If you need help or have questions you can also email Tim Salo at

Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association


Spooner Civic Center Calendar

5 Tips for the First-time Hockey Parent

We've all been there at some point. Here's an article from USA hockey with some tips for the first-time hockey parent!

Parents' Guide to Buying Equipment

For a parent of a new hockey player, entry into the sport can be an intimidating experience. And that feeling can start long before the first goal or even first skate blade hits the ice. That’s because outfitting your youngster – 6U, 8U, whatever age they might be starting – requires equipment that’s specific to hockey. A basketball parent buys a pair of shoes and a ball, while a hockey parent is looking for head-to-toe gear. Fortunately, Scott Aldrich – USA Hockey’s manager of hockey operations and longtime equipment man – is here to provide some tips and demystify the process.

All Association Parent Vs. Child Game

All Association Parent Vs. Child Game