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COVID Precautions

COVID-19 Precautions

 The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association and the Spooner Civic Center have taken action in creating preventive measures to ensure our kids have an even cleaner place to skate and to minimize any virus spreading. 

We ask everyone to follow these procedures to decrease the risk of spreading the COVID -19 or any other viruses as this will surely be a part of everyday life moving forward. As new information comes available, we will update our policies as the information is presented.

  • Wear masks inside the Civic Center and inside the Warming House at City Park.
  • Athletes are required to wear masks at all times. WAHA requires masks or gator or specific splash guards on the ice.
  • Practice social distancing. Refrain from shaking hands, giving high-fives, or otherwise touching other people along with no lingering in common areas.
  • Come dressed to practice and get skates on in the stand area near the entrance to the ice
  • Arrive at the rink 15 minutes before ice time is to start. We recommend that hockey players and figure skaters show up pre-dressed if possible.
  • Stay home if feeling ill
  • If your temperature is above 100, stay home
  • Wash your hands often
  • Bring your own water bottle, DO NOT SHARE WATER BOTTLES
  • Games may be limited
  • Spectators may be limited
  • Do not linger in the rink
  • If you are sick or have been sick for in the last 24 hours stay home. If you have been asked to quarantine please stay home.
  • Please avoid unnecessary contact with door handles, glass, boards, and bleacher railings. Roughhousing will not be tolerated between kids.
  • Entrances to bathrooms, locker rooms, rink, and ice surface boards will be disinfected throughout the day. Use paper towels to exit bathrooms, avoiding skin contact with the door handles.
  • Benches will be disinfected as often as possible.
  • Please make sure to properly throw away used tissues in any garbage can. Garbage cans will be strategically placed to make sure this is possible before leaving the rink.
  • Please be careful as you leave to keep contact to a minimum, and to have some kind of sanitizer in your vehicle before and after.
  • No outside food will be allowed in the rink.

Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association

All Association Parent Vs. Child Game

All Association Parent Vs. Child Game

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