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    Bantams beat Burnett 10-2 On to Sparta State Tournament Bound........

    Spooner/Cumberland 10///Burnett 2

    Bantams Region 1 Champs / State Bound

    Registration Is OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Click the link below to be directed to the registration site.


    Attention skaters.  Earn up to $30/Hr doing something you love!  Spooner Area Youth Hockey is looking for Referees for the upcoming 2017-2018 Hockey season. 
    If you are going to be 12 years old by 12/31/2016, please call or email Ken Weinaug for more information.  



    *** Pay is based on experience (the level the referee obtains).

    Parents' Guide to Buying Equipment

    For a parent of a new hockey player, entry into the sport can be an intimidating experience. And that feeling can start long before the first goal or even first skate blade hits the ice. That’s because outfitting your youngster – 6U, 8U, whatever age they might be starting – requires equipment that’s specific to hockey. A basketball parent buys a pair of shoes and a ball, while a hockey parent is looking for head-to-toe gear. Fortunately, Scott Aldrich – USA Hockey’s manager of hockey operations and longtime equipment man – is here to provide some tips and demystify the process.

    5 Tips for the First-time Hockey Parent

    We've all been there at some point. Here's an article from USA hockey with some tips for the first-time hockey parent!

    10 Coaching Committments for the Upcoming Season

    This season, USA Hockey is looking for coaches to commit to 10 things for the entirety of the 2017-18 season. “As coaches, we’re charged with lots of different things,” said Mark Tabrum, director of USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program. “In the end, all the things that people end up worrying about, primarily winning, that ends up being the byproduct of doing all these other things.” Here’s a list of 10 commitments that will help coaches maximize their players’ potential and help create a lifelong passion for hockey.

    WOW Hockey Skills Camp

    WOW Hockey Camp is a high intensity power skating, skills, and small area games camp designated to enhance each individual player’s level of play and to get as much skating and puck time as possible. Most importantly are goal is to have FUN.

    Head Instructor:  Rod Aldoff – Edmonton Oilers Scout

    Where:   Spooner Civic Center

    Dates:     Aug 28, 30   Sept 4, 6,11,13,18,20,25,27    (10 sessions, Mon and Wed)

    Time:      6:30pm-7:30pm

    Cost:       $130.00 

    Age:      8yrs old – 12yrs old

    Winners of the SAYHA Jersey Contest

    2016-2017 Bantam Coop Second Place in Rice Lake

    Jack Pine 2016

    Fun time had by all.

    Thank You to the Spooner Chamber

    The Spooner Chamber allowed SAYHA to be the sole beneficiary of the 2016 event.  SAYHA would like to thank the Chamber for the event and the monies earned. 

    Thanks to all the people that came to the food and wine tasting. SAYHA made close to $10,000.  We have opened an account for the building project.  The monies made at this event will cover a lot of the costs accrued prior to building.

    SAYHA cannot begin to express how delighted we are to accept this money, again Thank You to the Spooner Chamber of Commerce. 

    Congratulations To Spooners Own Nick Adler

    Nick made the 2016 Kohlman Cup team for the 2004 birth year.  

    If anyone would like to watch Nick play they will be holding the Kohlman Cup On April 2-3rd in Superior.

    Nick 2015-2016

    Congratulations to the NW Icemen Bantams 4A State Champs

    With 3 hard fought games the Icemen out shot their opponents 82-12. Spooner Bantams scored half of the total goals for the Icemen through out the weekend.  While Aiden Ferguson only allowed 2 pucks by him during the tournament.  

    Great job Jordan, Tom and Aiden.

    Thank You for all the hard work

    After day 2 we have doors that work, and lines on the rink.  Great JOB by all involved. 

    I want to thank all involved getting everything ready to play hockey at City Park.  There was cleaning and building benches in the warming house along with countless hours flooding the rinks.

    Come on out and support SAYHA mites and squirts as they play the first organized games in many years at City Park. 

    The concession stand will be open with hot food and warm drinks for all, you can even purchase raffle tickets during the games.

    Thank You


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